7 Things You Should Never Do At The Office Christmas Party

Office work parties are always fun as it allows you to take a break from the mundane routine and celebrate with your colleagues. Of all the work parties, work Christmas parties is arguably the best and most celebrated. Usually in the finishing stages of the year and in a festive time, Christmas parties are always where the boss will turn his or her attention to. A room full of your colleagues, drinks, delicious foods, dancing and games –  an auspicious get together, you couldn’t ask for more. As leaders in generating great Christmas party ideas in Melbourne, we would suggest you to stick by a few rules while attending your Office Christmas party to make it memorable and not forgettable. Remember – your behaviour can either make or break your reputation at work.

Here are some tips to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your colleagues and derail your career.

#1 – Don’t drink too much, A.K.A don’t get wasted!

work christmas party drunk

Christmas is a great time to sit back, relax and drink but taking this overboard is a big NO whilst you are at your office Christmas party. The free bar can be tempting, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget your limits and therefore, forget your night. Remember your superiors and colleagues surround you, and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself. If you are feeling tipsy, instead be the adult and say no. This will garner more respect than being the hero and continuing on. This is less embarrassing than flirting with your boss and crying for a pay rise when drunk. Also, you are being watched, perhaps the HR division is evaluating your behaviour so stay sober and remain on your best behaviour.

Even if you drink, know your limit. Avoid spirits and shots, and make sure you drink water every now and then to keep yourself hydrated.

#2 – Don’t flirt with your boss or co-workers

what not to do at a work xmas party

Don’t make inappropriate advances towards the photocopier person, your boss or his spouse, married co-worker or client. This is the time to celebrate and have fun instead of planning your next hook up.

If you think alcohol influences you, stay away from drinks (or drink a minimum amount). Some co-workers may take your aggressive compliments lightly, but some may get offended. It’s not worth it, trust us.

Behave if you don’t want to get fired or have a sexual harassment complaint (or even a lawsuit) in your employee file.

#3 – Don’t dress inappropriately

The party may not take place during working hours but the office Christmas party is still a corporate and professional event that requires your utmost attention to this notion. Put it simply, you shouldn’t be dressing like you are going to nightclub or to a rave.

If the party is a themed party, make sure you know the dress code, ask your manager or talk to colleagues to see what they will be wearing.

Don’t wear anything too revealing, too over the top, too tacky, or too subtle. Wear work-appropriate clothing and don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes.

#4 – Don’t eat as you’ve never eaten before or leave without eating

work xmas party in melbourne

Free food excites everyone, but go easy – don’t act like you are never going to eat again. The office Christmas party is not designed for you to load up with all the food. It is there for you to get to know your co-workers better and strengthen connections within your team and overall business.

Don’t be greedy but be sure to take advantage of the delicious food that has been provided (at a very high cost we are sure!). Sometimes employees skip their meal and head straight to the bar – free drinks are more exciting than free food. However, drinking on an empty stomach is not a good idea and can result in some of the previously mentioned elements surfacing.

#5 – Don’t gossip or whine

xmas party for work in melbourne

All of the employees are in the same room, including those you may ‘dislike’ or don’t get along with. You might want to talk about them – don’t do it. The Christmas party is a happy occasion where the vibe is meant to be positive so don’t ruin it by talking about others in a negative way.

Skip the gossiping about a colleague or complaints about your boss – don’t let any negativity surround you. Keep the conversation positive and upbeat. Apart from negativity, there is a very high chance of having your colleague talk about you while you gossip about them. Is it worth the risk? No.

Also, avoid discussion in any controversial topics like politics or religion. This can land you in severe hot water. These things are easy to do while you are drunk and a slip of the tongue can mean some very dire circumstances when everyone returns to the office.

#6 – Don’t talk excessively about work

You may be around your work friends but try to avoid discussing the latest profit forecasts, KPIs and upcoming projects. You’re there to enjoy the time with your colleagues outside of the office, and your co-workers don’t want you chewing their ear off about the workplace policies and promotions.

#7 – Don’t leave too early

Management or the HR division spends a lot of time, effort and money organising your Christmas party so don’t try to leave first. It will result in you looking bad and them feeling bad. You may look rude if you don’t spend a reasonable amount of time with your colleagues.

Leave at the appropriate time; you can leave when management leaves or when the dancing starts. Before leaving, don’t forget to thank the organisers and appreciate their work and efforts. A little bit can go a long way.

Although the work Christmas party is organised to relax and reflect on a great year,  management has their eyes on you, so you still have to behave appropriately. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and let your hair down, but just do it with respect and professionalism in mind so you don’t become ‘one of those people’ who performed miserably at the end-of-year-party.

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