What is the dress code? Neat Casual, no track runners and generally no T- shirts.

Can we drink alcohol on the Party Bus? Yes, but only several drinks per person are allowed on the bus on the way into the city. The law does not allow drinking on the bus in the CBD. (No glass or eskies please!)

How much does the tour cost? Prices start from $45.00p/p depending on your group numbers and pick up location. Additional extras are available such as the ‘Male Review Show’, Adult entertainment, VIP Package, Dinner, Double Decker busses or your own exclusive bus for smaller groups.

What time does the tour start and end? We will normally pick you up at 7.30pm depending on the pick up location. Please advice guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to the pick up time, to avoid waiting for any ‘stragglers’. Departure from the city is approximately 1:30am with drop off back at the meeting point, unless other arrangements have been organised.

What are the minimum and maximum numbers that are required on the tour? There are no minimum numbers required, smaller groups can have their own mini bus/party bus or be combined with another group in your local area. Any large groups can be accommodated. Ask us for a quote on your requirements.

Are we able to have a Double Decker? Yes, but remember that you will require a lot more time to get into the city and your group will be split upstairs and downstairs. Double Decker’s require a minimum number of guests, with full payment required prior to the tour.

How long in advance are we required to book? Preferably 4 weeks, but on most occasions last minute bookings can be accommodated.

Can we stay at the last club if we do not want to catch the bus home? Yes, but of course you are to make your own way home in the morning!!

Are entry fees to the venues covered? Yes, your entrance fees to ALL our recommended venues are covered. They are pre-booked and VIP entry, so there is no waiting in long queues!

How many venues can we go to and how long do we spend at each? You are able to go to three to four venues of your choice unless otherwise requested. This allows you around 1½ hours at each venue.

How and when do we pay the deposit, how much is it and how do we pay the final amount?

The non-refundable deposit may be paid by a number of ways;

  1. Any Commonwealth Bank Branch. Please call us for the account details.
  2. Net Banking. You need to have a net banking account with your own bank set up.
  3. Post a Cheque to Dreamscape Tours
  4. Post a Money Order, obtained through the Australia Post, and sent to Dreamscape Tours
  5. Other method available on Request such as credit cards.

A deposit is generally required a few weeks after booking, this is 20% of the total amount, with the final payment due five days prior to the event unless alternate arrangements have been made.

What happens to the pictures taken during the night? These are taken by our host during the night with your digital camera. If you would like any posted on our web site, please send them to us via e-mail.

Helpful Tips when organising a Nightclub Tour

  1. We have a range of venues you can choose from, so try to mix it up with a Bar, a Pub with a Band and a major Nightclub or even a Karaoke Bar. We generally arrive at our first venue at 8.45pm. To kick start your night we recommended you choose the venue where all the other party buses meet as a first stop, where it’s ‘happening’ right from the start of the night. The venues in red ‘in the venue section’ offer the best drink specials and drink cards.
  2. You have the option of combining your small group with another. This can be twice as fun, as you get to meet other people. Also you will have no hassles in trying to make up your numbers for the night.
  3. Once your guests have decided that they want to attend your tour, ensure you collect their full payments prior to the night. Collect as many payments as possible from your guests, preferably ALL two weeks prior to your tour, so that you have a realistic idea of your numbers and to avoid the disappointment of people not turning up on the night. Min numbers need to be finalised four days prior to your tour with final payments due several days prior to your tour. Payment on the night only by arrangement.
  4. Avoid inviting known ‘trouble makers’, this is your special night and shouldn’t be spoilt by fighting or any damage.
  5. Encourage guests to ‘pace’ themselves throughout the night, as they may not be allowed into the venues or back onto the bus if they become too intoxicated.
  6. Remind your guests to bring appropriate photo ID and not to bring unnecessary items that might get lost, such as expensive cameras, jewellery, credit cards, excessive money etc.