Planning your Office Christmas Party in 2020

Need To Plan Your Office Christmas Party?

The task of organising the office Christmas party comes with a great deal of expectation. The team wants to be spoiled, they demand it’s at least as good—if not better—than the previous year, and there’s usually a clearly defined budget that leaves little room for manoeuvre.

It’s therefore tempting to go down the same, ponderous path as the previous year. You start exploring venues: restaurants, bars, hotels and even sheds. But it’s hard to get enthused; they all offer the same thing.

The good news is that there’s a very real and memorable alternative; a Christmas Party Cruise with Dreamscape Tours and Events. If you’re looking for a little decadence this December without having to push the boat out in terms of cost, then it could well be the ideal solution.

Christmas party Cruises Melbourne 2020

Incredibly convenient for those with offices in the CBD, Melbourne’s biggest and best cruise ship departs from Central Pier in Docklands and cruises downriver to deliver your team a night to remember. It’s a unique venue that offers something for everyone: the chance to dance—the cruise includes a DJ and a live band, each on their own deck—through the floating festivities; or the opportunity to escape the noise, enjoy the sea breeze and breathe in the spectacular views of Melbourne from either of the expansive outdoor decks.

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And if you think being on board a beautiful boat like this means making compromises on food, you’d be wrong. The delicious canapes are chef-prepared and will keep coming all night, so no-one will leave the party hungry.

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You’ve heard of Christmas sales; it’s now time to experience a Christmas sail. It’s suitable for groups of all sizes, with the convenience of having everything taken care of for you. In fact, your only problem will be how to better it next year.


To find out more about how to make some waves this Christmas, contact Dreamscape Tours and Events on 03 9844 1122.

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