Melbourne River Cruises

Have you ever been on a Yarra River Cruise?

If you go down to the river,

Down by the mighty MCG,

Some sights are there a waiting,

For you and there for me.


The boat houses by the gardens,

The clocks and towers tall,

The river to sea flowing,

Like time does to us all.


The boats are well appointed,

The crews and guests are met,

The gangplank on the water,

So not a soul gets wet.


The glasses raised in fellowship,

To memories and friends,

The things that are most valuable,

As time too quickly ends.


The Dreamscape is the river,

The backdrop Flinders Street Station,

The beating heart of city grand,

A jewel in this great nation.


The Yarra brown and mighty,

It rolls and flows along,

It burbles through the suburbs,

And gives us of its song.


And on our ships we sail the night,

We dance and sing and play,

We make our merry memories,

And then go on our way!!!

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