Planning The Perfect Winery Tour in the Yarra Valley

Dreamscape Tours Offer a Customised Luxury Experience

The Yarra Valley area is well-known for its world-class vineyards and award-winning wines, particularly its sparkling wines, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and pinot noir. The area is also famous for its wine tours featuring stunning views, local festivals and U-pick fruit opportunities.

Wine tasting tours are always a favourite, with individuals and groups arriving from around Victoria to indulge their love of fine wine. Winery tours are organised by Dreamscape Tours and Events, allowing guests to create a personalised itinerary; enabling guests to incorporate a specialised event that can include a visit to Yarra Valley Dairy specialising in handmade farmhouse cheeses to accompany some wines.

Each wine tasting tour is customised, enabling guests to add brewery and cider tastings for their sampling pleasure. During December, festive end-of-year Christmas wine celebrations can be booked. The Yarra Valley features more than 30 premium wineries from which to choose when creating a customised tour.

To accompany a day of wine and merriment, guests can stop by a chocolate factory for ice cream and café offerings, decadent desserts handcrafted by European chocolatiers, and attend the Brownie Festival in June. It offers a sweet accompaniment to the tasty wines on the tour.

Dreamscape Tours and Events provides assistance in choosing wineries to be visited and also offer far more than just wine tasting including BBQs, historic structures and architecture, spas, and handcrafted breads. Visitors will also find estates that were once home to world-renowned legendary performers now renowned for their wines.

The Yarra Valley wine tours conducted by Dreamscape Tours and Events provide guests with a memorable luxury experience that will be remembered for the fun and laughter, long after the last glass has been drained.

Yarra Valley Winery Tours

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