The Best Work Christmas Party Ideas in Melbourne

The Perfect Christmas Function

No Barbie by the Yarra,
Or time to count the losses,
Drinks out at some dingy pub,
Or dinner at the bosses.

Get on board the dreamscape train,
Get on at Southern Cross,
Toast the sky as time rolls by,
And give thanks to your boss.

Hear the engine blowing,
The train clickety clack,
Another year time flowing,
As you head down the track.

Or in the Yarra Valley,
A Chablis or a Chardy,
A pinot or a cab sav,
No VB or Bacardi.

Degustation delicate,
Dynamic dashing dishes,
Gastronomie and fellowship,
The granting of your wishes.

Or cruise the mighty Yarra,
Watch lights upon its banks,
As we all count our blessings,
At Christmas we give thanks.

For friends and work and colleagues,
For food and drink that’s hearty,
For Dreamscape tours are where its at,
For your next Christmas Party.

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