Dreamscape Tours: Party Bus Hire

Melbourne is a party town,

With bars and clubs galore,

With lights and sounds and music,

All this and so much more.


The drinks they are a flowing,

The laughter rings out loud,

Best times for us together,

We merry happy crowd.


To take away the hassle,

To minimise the fuss,

We book the tour together,

On the Dreamscape party bus.


And so we roam together,

The wheels go round and round,

The lights flare out their colour,

The night is filled with sound.


Of happiness and laughter,

Of dancing, urban grooves,

Of terribly bad dancing,

And daggy mimicked moves.


No stragglers wandering off at last,

Or getting found or lost,

A bus of cheer and merriment,

At a reasonable cost.


The Dreamscape of the nightlife,

To boogie with the best,

To dance until the feet are tired,

And then creep off to rest.


A party bus fantastic,

For the buck or hen,

For old and young and fabulous,

For ladies or for men.


Book your Dreamscape party bus,

And sit next to your friends,

The stars shine bright on Melbourne town,

The party never ends.


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